Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: Get Rich or Die Mayan

I've been feeling a little pressure lately (somewhere between my shoulder blades and skull house) to start a blog. Not for the usual reasons--if there are usual reasons for "blogging," a ridiculous verb that with any luck won't outlive some of my houseplants.

Two factors conspired to find me (us?) here: 1) the painter Stuart Shils' visit to the Studio Center in November in which he talked about his photo blog as a conversation of images among friends and 2) feeling the double whammy of losing touch with some good friends after my recent move to rural northern Vermont coupled with my decision in 2010 to no longer participate in Facebook. (Righteous side note: I urge you to read Tom Hodgkinson's essay about who owns Facebook and thus all the information you upload to it. Plus, let's be honest, bad grammar is often a sign of bad thinking).

Thus this blog for those who care to check in on it. I am thinking of it as an external copy of my own journal, slightly refined and reformatted to fit the screen. You're welcome to visit here as often as you wish for what I intend to be a steady-ish stream of thoughts in response to what I am reading, what happens between poems, what I am looking at, life in Vermont, the world at large, conversations with painters and sculptors and poets over lunch, etc.


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